Our Story

Selling fresh fish and skrimp on the side of the road

Mitch and Stacey Hartman, the founders of the Skrimp Shack, have been in the seafood/restaurant business for their entire careers. Mitch was licensed and vending fresh seafood out of a back of a truck in a church parking lot and Stacey was a waitress and manager at restaurants.

In September of 2011, they decided to take Skrimp Shack indoors. They chose a location in Lee Hall (Newport News, Virginia) to open a seafood market. After signing the lease and obtaining their business license they were informed that 80% of the business revenue had to come from cooked food. They were not planning on cooking, but God had a different plan. With no funds for expensive restaurant equipment, they set out for Walmart and bought the best fryers in stock. Stacey and Mitch started making fish sandwiches! They continued to go to the docks every morning buying live crabs and fresh fish, driving to North Carolina for fresh shrimp, which sold as well as fish sandwiches to our already existing customers. With many trials, tribulations and blessings from God; and a lot of great stories in between, they slowly started saving money to start buying restaurant equipment as the business grew!

The original Skrimp Shack in Lee Hall

Where they had to cook for 6 months

The Skrimp Shack, Home of the FATTEST fish sandwich, is now a multi-location quick service, “eat in and/or take out” type of seafood restaurant. Stacey and Mitch are passionate about introducing their unique and flavorful casual seafood cuisine all over the East Coast. The Skrimp Shack will always combine great food with fantastic prices and exceptional customer service. The restaurant features all types of fish dinners, fish and chicken sandwiches, kid’s meals & delicious sides. Check out our menu for more mouth-watering details!

Supporting Our Communities

In honor of the very first Shack, we make it a point here at Skrimp Shack to be a part of any community around which we set up shop. From new delicious creations ready to be tested by the community to local events and community outreach, we encourage you to explore our Blog and join us during our next event!